Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

Building a project pipeline

The lack of investment-ready projects is a serious challenge for attracting and channeling private investments to countries and sectors most in need. Developing investment-ready projects require significant planning and capacity during the pre-investment and implementation phases that address the financial, legal, technical and sustainability-related challenges associated with a project. Identifying a feasible risk-sharing mechanism at the development phase is critical to ensure that a project will be viable for investors.

Enhanced efforts are needed for the development of scalable end-to-end investment opportunities (from sourcing via assessment to investable vehicles) that will make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development and provide sizable investment opportunities for institutional investors. National sustainable investment priorities and frameworks should inform the development of project pipelines.

The GISD Alliance is working on a pipeline of investment-ready deals comprising debt and equity investment opportunities in various countries, as well as thematic funds. The focus is not only on the number of projects, but also on strengthening the quality and improving risk management.