Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

GISD Releases New Guidance on Sovereign SDG Bonds for Countries and Investors

Apr 23, 2024

The GISD Alliance, under the leadership of UN DESA and UNDP, today launched integrated guidance for the benefit of sovereign borrowers considering SDG bonds and investors looking to scale up investment through these instruments. The document focusses on country experiences through interviews with country representatives and the private sector, a survey on investor preferences, in-depth case studies on countries that have issued SDG bonds, and an expert group consultation. The guidance considers the benefits, challenges, and lessons learnt when issuing sovereign SDG bonds.










The guidance gathers data and key insights from relevant stakeholders and presents best practices for countries and investors. The guidance also includes key recommendations that can be advanced by the UN and multilateral development banks, as well as by donor countries, sovereign issuers, and investors and banks. 

The guidance was launched at the SDG Investment Fair and on the sidelines of the 2024 Financing for Development Forum. The event welcomed representatives from governments, the private sector and the UN system. A presentation of the guidance was followed by a panel discussion on the benefits and challenges faced by countries and investors, and the potential solutions available to scale this market in a sustainable way.

The full guidance is available to download here.

The executive summary is available here.

A recording of the event is available to watch here.

All photos: UN DESA/P. Vasić