Of the US$3 trillion needed to finance the SDGs, the average annual financing gap for emerging markets is US$2.5 trillion. This will have grown as a result of the Covid pandemic, which also wiped out decades of progress. How can we align the incentives of governments, multilaterals and the private sector to scale investment into sustainable development, to bring about a fairer, safer, more resilient and more prosperous world?

Broadcasting from the World Economic Forum at Davos, this event will feature a panel discussion with members of GISD, government ministers, and senior representatives of development finance institutions.

Discussion between Martin Spolc, Head of the Sustainable Finance unit for the EC and Jay Collins, Vice Chairman of Banking at Citi and Chair of the Report Committee Renewed, Recharged and Reinforced: Urgent actions to harmonize and scale sustainable finance, on behalf of GISD. This virtual fireside chat discusses the current sustainable finance agenda in Europe, the direction of the Green Deal and the recommendations of the GISD report. Other regions are encouraged to contact: [email protected]