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The GISD Alliance is a group of 30 high-powered business leaders from all over the world who have responded to the Secretary-General’s invitation to come together to provide decisive leadership in mobilizing resources for sustainable development. GISD will work to align business operations, finance and investment with the 2030 Agenda.

The Alliance is a first of its kind initiative for the UN. It is comprised of recognized leaders of major financial institutions, corporations and technology service providers spanning all the regions of the world. 

The cross-sector membership of the Alliance reflects the interconnected nature of the diverse players in finance and investment. For example, financial actors increasingly play a role in corporate decision-making and ownership, while non-financial corporations also engage in financial activities. 

GISD’s work will be supported by UN system partners (DESA, UNCTAD, Global Compact, PRI, UNEP FI, UNDP, UNCDF and the Regional Commissions) and others like the World Bank Group. 

The Alliance will consult widely with experts, broader industry representatives and policy makers.

GISD will facilitate solutions on topics relating to: 

  • increasing the available supply of long-term investment for sustainable development; 
  • realizing SDG investment opportunities in developing countries; 
  • and enhancing the impact of private investment on sustainable development.

The GISD Alliance will advocate for identified solutions within their respective industries and with regulatory, standard setting and other influential bodies. This will stimulate coordinated actions by the private sector, governments, regulatory bodies and multilateral institutions. The Secretary-General will highlight and advocate for GISD’s recommendations in relevant high-level policy making forums.

The Alliance has a four-year timeline – from October 2019 to December 2023.